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english title Oldboy
original title 올드보이

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director PARK Chan-Wook - 박찬욱
actor CHOI Min-Sik - 최민식Oh Dae-su
YOO Ji-Tae - 유지태Lee Woo-jin
KIM Byeong-Ok - 김병옥
YUN Jin-Seo - 윤진서
LEE Seung-Shin - 이승신
PARK Myeong-Shin - 박명신
OH Dal-Su - 오달수
JO Sang-Gyeong - 조상경
OH Tae-Gyeong - 오태경
PARK Myeong-sin - 박명신
LEE Hong-Pyo - 이홍표
KIM Su-Hyeon - 김수현
KANG Hye-Jeong - 강혜정
PARK Ji-Hun - 박지훈
SHIN Beom-Sik - 신범식
JI Dae-Han - 지대한
LEE Dae-Yeon - 이대연
OH Kwang-Rok - 오광록
action director YANG Gil-Yeong - 양길영
composer JO Yeong-Wuk - 조영욱
scriptwriter PARK Chan-Wook - 박찬욱
HWANG Jo-Yun - 황조윤
original story TSUCHIYA Garon
artistic director RYU Seong-Hee - 류성희
YANG Hong-Sam - 양홍삼
editor KIM Jae-Beom - 김재범
KIM Sang-Beom - 김상범
cinematographer JEONG Jeong-Hun - 정정훈
assistant director LEE Gye-Byeok - 이계벽
costumes JO Sang-Gyeong - 조상경

additional Info

distributorShow East
classificationFrance: Not admitted under 16


One day in 1988, ordinary-man OH Dae-su, who lives with his wife and an adorable baby daughter, is kidnapped. He later wakes up to find himself in a private makeshift prison. While suffering from his debacle, Dae-su becomes shocked when he watches the news and hears that his beloved wife was brutally murdered. 2003, Dae-su is released and he determines to find out the truth. He meets Mi-do, the cook of the restaurant Dae-su has his first-meal after his imprisonment, and tells her about his 15 years in confinement. Mido cries for sympathy and promises to help him seek vengeance. As the team approaches the truth, another shocking-secret is revealing...

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